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The new standard
for Puerto Rico mailing and location address data

Location Intelligence:
Improves your business
Broadens your reach
Expands your customer base into new territories

Supports in Disaster Management & Mitigation

Aides in Asset Management & Maintenance

Puerto Rico location and mailing address data can take your business to higher grounds

Bolster confidence entering new markets.


Analyze location-specific data to get a detailed read on each new market.


Combine with Census Demographic data to gauge how a market’s demographics and economic trends complement your mission.

New Markets... where to go next!

Select a new market based on location intelligence

Leverage data-driven decisions to uncover competitive advantages

Disaster management and mitigation

First responders on the ground, FEMA, and the various government agencies need location intelligent address data which are vital to relief efforts

Comprehensive and accurate data

Improve customer experience

Build a better relationship


Encourage Brand Loyalty

Faster Delivery

Location-based marketing

Stand out from the competition

Adjust outreach based on physical location


Reach new audiences

Unprecedented Coverage. Impeccable Accuracy.

The Puerto Rico Location and Mailing Address data set contains unprecedented coverage, all 78 municipalities/municipios, with impeccable accuracy for non-rural addresses.  Datasets can be purchased by ZIP code, municipality, or the entire island can contain location addresses, mailing addresses, and/or longitudes and latitudes. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers




ZIP Codes


Location Addresses


Mailing Addresses


File Formats Availble

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