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Dive into the new age of location intelligence and data analytics with comprehensive and accurate Puerto Rico location and mailing address data

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Location intelligence

Visualize and analyze geospatial data to empower understanding, insight, decision-making, and prediction.

Use location intelligence to gain a competitive advantage and discover new opportunities, find optimal locations for retail site selection, understand customers,

or even identify sales trends

Improve customer experience with  comprehensive and accurate location and mailing address data

Location intelligence provides the ability to better understand customers and create an improved customer experience. All customers are more than simply a pin on the map!

Use location data to build on your relationship with your consumers, encourage brand loyalty and build trust.

Poor data quality is a hindrance to the use of address data for gaining insight.  The Puerto Rico Location and Mailing Address Dataset ensures that your data is clean and accurate. 


Parcels and communications can be effectively delivered without the issue of an address not being found!

Location-based marketing

Stand out from the competition by providing a location-informed customer experience that drives revenue and encourages brand loyalty.


Adjust outreach based on a customer’s physical location which may include personalized in-app recommendations and location-based emails. 


To achieve this you must have comprehensive and accurate address data for these programs to work.


Enrich your customer profiles, engage current customers in new ways, and reach new audiences with the Puerto Rico Location and Mailing Address Dataset

Improve disaster management

Hurricane Maria highlighted the need for location intelligent Puerto Rico address data. First responders on the ground, PREPA, FEMA, and the various government agencies need location intelligent address data which are vital to the relief efforts. 


The Puerto Rico Location and Mailing Dataset may benefit DOT, EPA, FEMA, HUD, NGA, OMB, USGS, and even the USPS! 

Integrate with your existing GIS data platform, Google Earth, Google Maps

The Puerto Rico Location and Mailing Address Dataset contains longitude and latitude coordinates for each record and can be easily integrated with your existing GIS software, imported to Google Earth or a Google Map account, or easily turned into a mailing list.

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